This reserve is a burst of natural greenery and rich biodiversity, something which is largely uncommon in Singapore.  It is Singapore’s first ASEAN Heritage Park and its trails pass through coastal areas and forest and include mid-canopy walks and migratory bird trails.  The entire route covers the distance of 3,700 meters and the reserve is an important stopover point for over 150 species of exotic migratory birds from as far away as Alaska, Siberia, Northern China and Australia, making this an important ecological site within the East Asian Australasian Shorebird Site Network.

Date: 16 July 2023 (Sunday)
Time: From 0900hrs (4 hours)


The development of Singapore to a first world nation in record time has been hailed the world over as an economic miracle.  How did this country with limited natural resources manage and what were the major industries that helped shaped the economy of Singapore?

In land-scare Singapore, the country depends heavily on imported food supplies. The confluence of technology, engineering, design and farming has set the stage for transformation in farming.

This tour gives a broad overview of Singapore’s economy and the massive role trade and port activities had on its economy.  A very special arrangement to a local enterprise to understand how even though Singapore does not have any raw materials, but secondary activities allow us to be plugged into the production chain.  This is true of many other industries and is quintessentially Singapore’s story.  And finally, a visit to an urban farm in the heart of Singapore to understand how innovation can overcome resource constraints of labour and land leading to less dependency of food sources from others.

Date: 17 July 2023 (Monday)
Time: From 0900hrs (4 hours)


People know Mr Lee Kuan Yew as the politician, as one of the founding fathers of Singapore, or globally respected elder statesman, and the iconic figure.  But who is he?  What was he like as a young boy, a husband, a father and a friend?  What were his values?  How were they shaped?

The tour gives you a glimpse of the simple man that Mr Lee really was and how he chose to lead his life.  This journey takes you through his early years, his family life and the beautiful love between him and his wife.

Date: 18 July 2023 (Tuesday)
Time: From 0900hrs (4 hours)


Fascinated by the Singapore housing story?  How did we go from slums to enviable housing for all in 50 years? This tour is about the homes of Singapore, understand what are Housing Development Board (HDB) apartment flats where 85% of locals live.  Be amazed at how we plan our land to accommodate our skyscrapers; build our homes; plan our garden city.

This tour brings you to visit HDB homes and meet with the families and learn everything there is to know about life in Singapore.  Learn about different HDB home types, visit a typical neighbourhood estate and dive deep into how locals live, shop, eat and mingle.

Date: 20 July 2023 (Thursday)
Time: From 0900hrs (4 hours)


Singapore comprises of the main island and 62 other offshore islands. Not much is known about these islands. Join us on an exclusive transfer to the Southern islands. Learn of the uses of these islands in the past and present. What was their significance? Are there resident inhabitants? Also, our island guides will share the important work being done on these islands in research and preservation of healthy coral life.

This tour starts off with an introduction to the geography of Singapore from the perspective of the seas starting with Sentosa island and the rest of the islands.

Date: 21 July 2023 (Friday)
Time: From 1300hrs (4 hours)


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